Jumat, 31 Agustus 2007

Lamentation of Promised Desert

On the dark desert an austere girl walked in a hurry.Her auricles was cut by someone.Her face bled horrible.Satan waylaid her walking.And then ask her a question about afterlife.Someone agonized her in the dangerous aftereffect then.Aftermath of the oath that the people remarked before.No resurrection for who has stood on the arid land however they could plant on the arable land.The cold wind touched her long hair floating with a hope.Darwan got aroused by awful nightmare.He looked at the wallclock 9:48 pm.He immediately sipped a glass of Mama's milk for tranquilizing his disrupted mind.Something pressured his soul.His heart pulsated strongly.He looked at a distance. Any shadow of the darkness shrouded something aglow so brightly.Afterwards he looked something of the afterglow forming a fireball.The fireball blasted in a few seconds.Darwan stared all trembly.And then he sat down on the armchair for relaxing.It was almost unbelievable for all he had seen.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief note
I used to ever get an auspice from my Institute.I 've preferred writing long ago.I feel I am not so aged to write more and more.

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