Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2007

Management of News

Today the world is fulfilled by a large of news from various countries.It needs a system of the news management wholly in rapid transferring.The need such that we can get from Google or Spacedaily for instance.You likely have not known about the develop of China's astronomy recently.China has stepped forward in dynamic science by exploring of Moon.How can we collect some important news for our interesting ? What kind of news do you prefer ? I am sure you can make a magazine or newspaper in case you do elaborate any source of news.Lately in our society or any community the term genre has been well-known in musical world.The young people has rushed searching a newest trend of the lifestyle.The composer and singer work together to come out a new song that declare a hope in desperate.The government can't stunt a prominent growing dream in wide people.The outspread of any issues needs a due.Perhaps you have never read about the dangerous journey being done by some stupid men to Arctic.They put down a bomb in the seabed located in the exact point of the North Pole.By using of submarine they dived into the sea and got a success.What did you heard about them ? And what did you feel as the bomb blasted out shaking the earth ? Mr.James Bond 007 was too late knowing of their dangerous activities in the North Pole.So did CIA was failed to prevent the incident.The heatwave swept over the world to destroy all beings.Who can save us ? We have to notice any sign of trivia to alert ourself.

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