Rabu, 22 Agustus 2007

Trip to the cavern

There was a causeway toward a cavern.The causeway was laid parting the large marsh.A young fat boy walked along the path alone.His curiosity greater than the probable danger.Whatever he would face he was not afraid.He felt as a brave.That boy was 7 years old with black curled hair.The clouds smiled for him escorting toward the cavern.Through about 50 cm footstep he sometimes whistled any familiar song that he had memorized it.There was a lone tree in midway waylaying his steps to pass.But he was not half-hearted he tried to pass with all efforts.At last he got success.
He felt exciting and continued his walking to reach the cavern.The nature blessed her foot to touch the ground around the cavern.He bowed down and laid down on the grassy ground caused by a fatigue.He was soaking with horrible sweatflood.After a few minutes he could stand up again consolidating his all power.He had no supply for consuming today.He didn't pondered all possibilities.He could die without anyone could help him.He faithed to the nature that still loved him.He had to think to survive with all helpful ideas.Suddenly the old wrinkly faced man came closer to him.He looked at him calmly.And then asked him a question whether he is alright or not.The boy was aware of the old man's coming.The old man was existing solely for him.He revealed his thirsty and begged a pleased manner of the old man to help him.The old man could understand him and left him to take some water.The water recovered him.Today he was able to smile for her mother.

Written by
Karta Laksana

36 Sunan Kalijaga Street
Rangkas Bitung

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