Selasa, 28 Agustus 2007

Way to reach the sky

At 9:49 am when the sun shone brightly a young knife girl stood up on the top of the crag.She tried to do a suicide falling into the the bottom.She looked down with strange feeling.Why her life must be failed ? No answer from the bottom.The whispering wind gave no answer.It's her choice but she had no option.Her disappointment wasn't paid by someone.No redemption for her falsifying.Too much crammed into her soul.She felt her suffering as a punishment.But suddenly she canceled her suicidal trial.She returned to her home,to her good way.After she got depressed so long until the nature surrendered to the Satan.No one couldn't touch her case.No one was on charge of her fate.Where the peace was ? It should be the way to thereafter ? She looked at her shadow self.That gave her a picture of her personality.She succeed to change her mind.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief Note
The author is male.He have no poisonous mustache.Choose a simple way to grasp a golden stick.But he waited so long until the oldness turned his hair.

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