Jumat, 31 Agustus 2007

Lamentation of Promised Desert

On the dark desert an austere girl walked in a hurry.Her auricles was cut by someone.Her face bled horrible.Satan waylaid her walking.And then ask her a question about afterlife.Someone agonized her in the dangerous aftereffect then.Aftermath of the oath that the people remarked before.No resurrection for who has stood on the arid land however they could plant on the arable land.The cold wind touched her long hair floating with a hope.Darwan got aroused by awful nightmare.He looked at the wallclock 9:48 pm.He immediately sipped a glass of Mama's milk for tranquilizing his disrupted mind.Something pressured his soul.His heart pulsated strongly.He looked at a distance. Any shadow of the darkness shrouded something aglow so brightly.Afterwards he looked something of the afterglow forming a fireball.The fireball blasted in a few seconds.Darwan stared all trembly.And then he sat down on the armchair for relaxing.It was almost unbelievable for all he had seen.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief note
I used to ever get an auspice from my Institute.I 've preferred writing long ago.I feel I am not so aged to write more and more.

Kamis, 30 Agustus 2007

Accident in Wild Night

A lamp illumined a room of an old house.A young man sat on the chair reading a newspaper.The night was going late.He heard someone shouting strangely.He was startled and soon he went out.He looked no body out there.He got back taking a tool of flashlight.And then went out to seek the strange person.He still heard sound of moaning.Through the awfully dark night he walked creeping.Suddenly he felt something massive hitting his head.And the young man collapsed to the grassy ground.The strange person pulled his body away to the thick bush.The strange person took something out of his pocket.And then the one ran away.The sun just emerged out of the horizon.Awakening him to get back home.The young man got a recovery from the fatal incident.He took handkerchief out and cleaned his face.He was aware of the lose of his wallet.He didn't know of what happened on him last night.He felt any protecting him and escaped from a danger.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief Note
My hobbies are writing,reading,music and traveling.I intend to achieve any honorable project.

Rabu, 29 Agustus 2007

Curse of Forest

It's was nice fountain.At noon 12:46 am a guy was smoking staring at the fountain.Burning of the hot sunshine at the moment made his body wet by sweat.Dust flown by the wind.The recent air was inconvenient for him.The drought whipped over the people.Entire land was barren and dry.Fish despaired hoping the rain.The lack of water was going widespread as a national disaster.Who dared contending the nature ? Many people had no content for that situation.The situation was going badder.Who wanted to give a contribution for the solution ? The drought would kill all people without a pity.The nature needed no lamentation.Not any longer our land became a desert.We have disobeyed the oath of our ancient.We are just making a context of the old curse.How expensive the drop of groundwater for our life.We just heard an old song from the dry well.We have killed our mankind with wrong mind.We didn't prepare all before.Now we were loser the guy mused all that occurred on his land.Don't ask the swaying grass.Pave all the way before your master comes.I couldn't plant more the greenery.Someone would hew your big tree.And you war against the frightening tree which disputed all of your arguments.

Written by Karta Laksana
36 Sunan Kalijaga Street
Rangkas Bitung

Selasa, 28 Agustus 2007

Way to reach the sky

At 9:49 am when the sun shone brightly a young knife girl stood up on the top of the crag.She tried to do a suicide falling into the the bottom.She looked down with strange feeling.Why her life must be failed ? No answer from the bottom.The whispering wind gave no answer.It's her choice but she had no option.Her disappointment wasn't paid by someone.No redemption for her falsifying.Too much crammed into her soul.She felt her suffering as a punishment.But suddenly she canceled her suicidal trial.She returned to her home,to her good way.After she got depressed so long until the nature surrendered to the Satan.No one couldn't touch her case.No one was on charge of her fate.Where the peace was ? It should be the way to thereafter ? She looked at her shadow self.That gave her a picture of her personality.She succeed to change her mind.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief Note
The author is male.He have no poisonous mustache.Choose a simple way to grasp a golden stick.But he waited so long until the oldness turned his hair.

Senin, 27 Agustus 2007

Cassava Children

Cassava is one of famed food.It can be fried and eaten with sugar.In case you come into any market you can buy some cassavas.Brew coffee and prepare a plate of fried cassavas.Sip your coffee and how the taste of them ? The cassava usually is uprooted.Wash it before you fry.When the night come trying you to visit the busy nightlife and find the fried cassava.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief note :
Karta Laksana was born in Rangkasbitung on February 27,1964.He used to prefer traveling anywhere.His father frequently brought him visiting any beautiful place.
After his father died on October,2003 he has been continuing his father's struggling and surviving.

Minggu, 26 Agustus 2007

Retaliation of Children

A young bald headed girl crept to outside her home.She brought a hoe walking in the dark to any place near her house.The crescent moon was shining lightening her way.In this several days the girl sank into an insanity.At last she was desperate killing an old hoary man with a knife.The old man hoarded too many firewoods.The girl was oppressive.The girl arrived on the barren ground and started to dig by means of her hoe for burying a cadaver of the old man.She stepped forward to the victory.The wolf was howling screaming an awful song.She spitted the stiff and swore again and again.She deserved getting a price intrinsically.

Written by Karta Laksana

Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2007

Quarreling at endpoint

They fell into the slavery.How long they have to wait for the acquittal ? I didn't promise them.I hated for their fate.I am still living in a hope.I ever saw them rarely.What's the primary problem recently ? Someone eats everyday and walks about what one finds.What you have acquired ? Gaining something so hard.They were forced to serve by strong one behaving like animal.I cursed them and I hope the nature condemns our sin.We need not remember our ancient.We have been born into the severe world.Our enemy is Satan.Evil spirit tempted anyone to eat the Kuldi.I have many questions.Sometimes I am in restless chase.I don't know much about swapping of the name ? Who intended to be greedy ?

Written by Karta Laksana

Can you swim on sandbeach

I have not attained what I wanted.I went to the beach and met only the silent.I couldn't pay your love.I sat for a cup of sweet coffee.Though you smiled for me but it was mere.I still remember how you stood looking at something.Boats in grieving silence as what I have ever seen before.No chance on the crest.Almost no challenge for me.They vied time after time.I have no power to break down the isolated.Your face was still dirty because of no soap.The same place but not same time.I am upset to change my tactic.The battlefield was so wild.A song from seawaves not awful for me.Frenzy weekend was gone.The rest of your kidnapping made all people's face wrinkle.

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Kamis, 23 Agustus 2007

Our conception

Who is the chaste girl ? She is chastening of me.I doubted her ways.I was oppressive of charging life atmosphere.I coveted what they have done.I call for pledging to rebel against Satan.Satan has
lived in worshiphouse.Waiting a chick that usually cheeps.The bird was chauffeuring grieving of the death of the King.The death caused by an apple.I have died because of no escape.I oughted to curse the environment.I have observed all their attitudes.I noticed something important for me.How to cheapen everything ? I buy and enjoy for a moment.I tried to embroil with them but no one heard.The world is too busy.Who have no money so they can't posses anything.

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Rabu, 22 Agustus 2007

Trip to the cavern

There was a causeway toward a cavern.The causeway was laid parting the large marsh.A young fat boy walked along the path alone.His curiosity greater than the probable danger.Whatever he would face he was not afraid.He felt as a brave.That boy was 7 years old with black curled hair.The clouds smiled for him escorting toward the cavern.Through about 50 cm footstep he sometimes whistled any familiar song that he had memorized it.There was a lone tree in midway waylaying his steps to pass.But he was not half-hearted he tried to pass with all efforts.At last he got success.
He felt exciting and continued his walking to reach the cavern.The nature blessed her foot to touch the ground around the cavern.He bowed down and laid down on the grassy ground caused by a fatigue.He was soaking with horrible sweatflood.After a few minutes he could stand up again consolidating his all power.He had no supply for consuming today.He didn't pondered all possibilities.He could die without anyone could help him.He faithed to the nature that still loved him.He had to think to survive with all helpful ideas.Suddenly the old wrinkly faced man came closer to him.He looked at him calmly.And then asked him a question whether he is alright or not.The boy was aware of the old man's coming.The old man was existing solely for him.He revealed his thirsty and begged a pleased manner of the old man to help him.The old man could understand him and left him to take some water.The water recovered him.Today he was able to smile for her mother.

Written by
Karta Laksana

36 Sunan Kalijaga Street
Rangkas Bitung

Selasa, 21 Agustus 2007

Narrow street where you are walking on

A young girl sat on the neck of an elephant.Her face seemed calm like silent sea.She had an infant as sister.The infant was 4 months old.In her age 19 years old she treaded a long dangerous journey.Like many girls she had dreams concerning of her future.She had no father like a junk picked from the junkyard. She sank in junket with some nasty men.She didn't forget where she came from.Her money was gone,went away like a old lion ousted from its Eden.She felt empty in the rest of her life.She needed no one except her father.Her life had been changed turning sweet into sour.All fruits had become spoiling.They fell one by one by a flock of mountain foxes from the only tree.The nice bird perched upon the elephant's head saying the love was going dead.Who wanted to brace her holding on everything that would ruin her life.Where would you go ?

Written by Karta Laksana
36 Sunan Kalijaga Street

Senin, 20 Agustus 2007

Dream of mother

A child was playing in the yard of the house.That child was male.His mother was watching her child
carefully.She was worried the child would be injured. She loved her child so much and always tried to fulfill the need of her child.Now her child was aged 4.The upcoming birthday was on September.She imagined buying everything needed for celebrating.The child had sharp black eyes.
The child was very lovely.They both often went downtown every evening.There the mother leaded her child walking on the harassing green grass.The mother gave her child a ball.By 6 pm they both went home again.The mother was a widow had to treat her child alone.They lived in the big house which given by the husband before he leaved them forever.The mother took care of her child happily everyday.To grow up her child and then schooling him.At one night the mother came into her child's room.She looked the face of her child so lovely.And then she touched the face softly and sang a cradle song.She hoped her child would be a fruitful man.She wanted no regrets in the future.She thought it's important training her child the brevity and skills.The night was getting later she felt sleepy.The mother left her child get into the bedroom.The nice angle would keep her child tonight.

Written by Karta Laksana

Minggu, 19 Agustus 2007

Take your umbrella at noon without the rain

A young girl took her book and read it carefully.That book told about how to know some kinds of birds.At noon she sat down on the bench park of her town.The sun burned the noon air.She sat beneath the shade of the big tree.This day the trouble was waited in the hidden place to get your benefit.

Written by Karta Laksana

Jumat, 17 Agustus 2007

Night Devil Coming

The rain came that evening.A young blue-T shirt man got into an old house.The frenzied street has been silent.He knocked on the old cracked door.His face seemed hasty.His clothes has been wet by the rain.The wind blew haughtily spreading rainwater at his body. No answer from inside then he scolded.Suddenly someone opened the door for him.An old long-bearded man stared at him suspiciously. The young man told about his coming for conveying an important message.The old man could understand what the young man said.The old man pleased the young man to follow him getting into a dark room.The old man lighted a candle on the old dusty table.Immediately the room became bright and could be seen.There was an old inherited sword hanging on the foul gray wall.The old man took the sword down. And showing it to the young man.The young man wondered looking at the strange sword.It's time for the young man to use it.Slaying all people that he wanted.Sudden strange squeaking came from outside the room making them startled.The young man looked out but he saw nothing.The young man got nervous what happened.The awesome came out of the dark.He thought the house was haunted and very dangerous for a coward.He handled the sword tightly to face all possibilities. The cold sweat shed on his skin.Some old rats ran about on the dirty floor.A mysterious night involved his surrounding. He felt the attend of the devil.The scream and squealing fulfilled the space.He decided to escape from the hell.He said nothing at the old man to run away.

My Zodiac : Pisces

Rabu, 15 Agustus 2007

Seawolf in the windstorm

You have to recognize a wirepuller. The wirepuller tries to involve you in any dangerous conspiracy.They make a trap conspire someone to follow their purposes.Such as smugglers without you know what mean they want to.They used an islet to base their force.They operated in the night to lower their order from any foreign ship.They concealed and planning further to grab your existence until you become their slaves.We have to attack for preventing their act.The sell of arms rarely being unseen.The effort withstands them is wiretap of all their talks.How we can spy them ? They arranged a plan so neat.Indeed a wrestling gets so hard.Yet we never surrender to arrest them or shoot them dead.At silent sea contained of the death for your adventures.I can't swim and maybe I can't escape from calling of hereafter.We have to form a trained squad to face all possibilities.Look strictly a sign of their tricks.The surveillance of activities at sea will be needed to guard along the coastline.We have to engage the fishermen to aid in fighting.A helpful helicopter likely can detect the exist of smugglers.The high sensitive RADAR will help technically.Night and day we have to be ready to monitoring the safety offshore.Every ship or boat must be suspected and contacted.Save the dangerous load avoiding the assault.

Selasa, 14 Agustus 2007

Assaulting before they hit your head

Despondency in our life caused by many things which that becomes a trouble and disappointment of recent way.Someone pissed the bad person off by bad habits.And we evade that ? We have to face a reality however it is.A reality is worth for a fact of our life.I try to avoid a drivel.Don't lie each other.The world demands you in the truth honestly.Frankly I want to reveal to you all the hidden secrets.The secret of nature or supernatural beyond our real life.We are restricted by many depending necessities.An unlimited knowledge in the universe waited you to explore and exploit for contributing and mending our lacking and damaging life.We have a complication to diagnose what the sick that have occurred.Let's contemplate something and pondering it to bereave a precious thing from our enemies.If you are in a hostility now it's your chance to be aware of the more dangerous menace than merely you lay down with a fox.You are still a puny people.Compare your own or property with your friends or neighbors you will meet them like a dog.Because they envy with you.Take your glory and prepare your weapon to war against your surround or environment which has behaved unfriendly.Take care of yourself from any deceits.The floodwater will recede at any time.

My phone number : 62-0252-201153

Senin, 13 Agustus 2007

Battle in Church Spirit

It'd be better for you to read this below I quoted from news.monstersandcritics.com

Washington - A gunman opened fire in a church in the US Midwest, killing three people before surrendering to police, local newspapers reported.

Police said they responded to reports of the shooting Sunday in Neosho, a city in the central state of Missouri, and discovered the gunman holding about 20 people hostage. The gunman, however, soon surrendered without incident, Police Chief Dave McCracken told the Neosho Daily News.

The incident took place in a church.Have came an enemy of God ? Disrupting a holly place like a church.The devil comes without you know or recognize of.Suddenly an evil spirit enters into your soul and speaks like God's angle.How long did your praying wait for fulfillment ? You are bored to wait any longer and get angry with your God.That will influence over your church while you do a worship in your church.Beware of all that seems like a nice lamb.You will be deceived by any person behaves like your good friend.Avoid them and isolate them carefully.Nice time for you.

My account number in BCA is 5420302144

Written by Karta Laksana

Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2007

Management of News

Today the world is fulfilled by a large of news from various countries.It needs a system of the news management wholly in rapid transferring.The need such that we can get from Google or Spacedaily for instance.You likely have not known about the develop of China's astronomy recently.China has stepped forward in dynamic science by exploring of Moon.How can we collect some important news for our interesting ? What kind of news do you prefer ? I am sure you can make a magazine or newspaper in case you do elaborate any source of news.Lately in our society or any community the term genre has been well-known in musical world.The young people has rushed searching a newest trend of the lifestyle.The composer and singer work together to come out a new song that declare a hope in desperate.The government can't stunt a prominent growing dream in wide people.The outspread of any issues needs a due.Perhaps you have never read about the dangerous journey being done by some stupid men to Arctic.They put down a bomb in the seabed located in the exact point of the North Pole.By using of submarine they dived into the sea and got a success.What did you heard about them ? And what did you feel as the bomb blasted out shaking the earth ? Mr.James Bond 007 was too late knowing of their dangerous activities in the North Pole.So did CIA was failed to prevent the incident.The heatwave swept over the world to destroy all beings.Who can save us ? We have to notice any sign of trivia to alert ourself.

Written by
Name : Karta Laksana
Address : 36 Sunan Kalijaga Street
City : Rangkas Bitung
State : Banten
Country : Indonesia

Jumat, 10 Agustus 2007

Battle in Basket

Still sleepy in that morning when I didn't find her in my way.Through the dusty road towards another town about 18 km from my town.I sat down waiting my arrival time there.I felt my head heavy with your desire.I decided to cancel looking the empty sea.I crossed the street into the sport field.I watched some children playing Basket Ball.Standing in dumbness without wanting to tease.Leaving them alone like grass waiting the rain.
OK if you like a game such as Basket Ball or Volley Ball you can count how many the players are.The answer is 6.Is there else game you have number 6 ? Gather your friends to play that game.I think I am not so old to play together with you.The sunshine will excite our spirit to place us in the good performance when we hit the ball out of the arena.Then we are soaking with sweat.To get the number one we have to train very hard.A coach will lead you to be a better player.Until the big event call you to beat all your opponents off.Who not want to be a champion ? Yell to the dismal morning until the bright day comes.At any next day you will be paid for your efforts.The ball has not been dead for our game.There are still so many points that can be a world record.I remain liking something new till the earthquake destroys our dreams.

Written by
Karta Laksana
Sunan Kalijaga 36
Rangkas Bitung

Rabu, 08 Agustus 2007


A snake slithered into a girl's room.The girl was playing Chess game with a computer.Suddenly the girl cried out shocked looking something terrible. Then the girl jumped up onto her bed.'I can't play my game again.But I still have another to get an enjoy.' said the kinky girl.What that girl do a few seconds later ?.She took out her Sudoku which has been popularized by youth all over the world. It's easy to play with Sudoku.You can buy the book of Sudoku in any bookstore.Sudoku will train your brain to think carefully.The puzzled box where you place your accurately number one by one have a size 9 x 9.You will have a compassion for your days in home prison.Now you must have prepared your next step to gain a revolutionary game.We are in the back of the Occident.We have to effort to own the newest product of technology.We look old with the old equipment.We have to destroy all the old turning into the New Age.We are the victim of loving the old.We have to break our dirty windows to see our ultimate world.We are not be conquered by the strange device,never and nevermore.We are the mankind with an intellectualism to manage all that growing in whole world.We stand and challenge the wind to fall us down the ground.It can be ? You will get an answer if you want to consider and learn very hard.

Written by
Karta Laksana
Sunan Kalijaga 36 Street

Minggu, 05 Agustus 2007

Flag a witness of the dark world

There is a lone flag atop any hills.And the wind blew floating the flag.A place was so quite where some buffaloes were fed by nature.On large meadow covered by green grass.A boy sang an old folk song which he got from his mother.He sat down on the ground looking at his buffaloes.The buffaloes were still hungry.That boy shrugged he couldn't provide sufficiently.That boy was only a poor boy.He was dropped out of his school.He brought a piper and played a sentimental song.The flag was floating hanging on a bamboo rod.The clouds got colored grayish by an angle.By noon that boy took some meal out of his bag.Then he had a lunch.His mother was so patient waiting his coming home.That boy fell asleep cooled by the wind.Suddenly 3 strange men came near that boy.They were a plot of robbers who intended to take the buffaloes away.That boy awakened and looked at the robbers startlingly.The boy tried to resist their act but failed.They had a success today.That boy cried out but no one heard him until the rain came.His clothes were wet by the rain.No help from the sky where he looked up to the dark sky.' You are so weak to fight against the cruel world' any sound from the sky startling him.'Go home and find your mother.Forgetting your buffaloes' that sound made him frightening.Then the boy ran home quickly.

Written by
Karta Laksana
Sunan Kalijaga 36

Kamis, 02 Agustus 2007

Separating some particles into the air

I remembered at a girl that standing on the street one night.I got my home but then I felt something strange.I couldn't recognize that girl.I fell into the illness.I felt pain in my head.I couldn't sleep.I tried to get recovery.My health is going bad.There is a lack but no one try to fulfill until I get a meaning of life.I am just an old cat.It's difficult for me to catch a rat.I have an consciousness to keep in the right way.The earth is going hot,burning all trees.My breath is choked by polluted air.What will be happening today ? I am not sure to know.Staying alone in my home to think what I have seen.I understood a few moments that have gone.Some opportunities have offered me to stand up on the cursed land.The land has forgotten the righteous.I was so tired to pursue you.In the bush or the wild forest I failed to ensure you to back home.Welcoming to the wind and clouds have provided the rain.My river has been suffering waiting any pretty girls to take a bath.Without a soap because they are poor.They need only the exciting of the life.I have never met a girl who came to me to touch my skin till I knew the girl has been dead.They are the dead that gad over the land.I can't touch their mind which have walked in a proud of money.I don't want to promote them.Where snakes make a home ? In which the Satan reigns over ? Sorry if I pass you at any point.Too many disappointments that have become some trouble.I release all to enter the new world.It will destroy all the old.Leaving you behind without you can get an explanation.

Written By
Karta Laksana
Jl.Sunan kalijaga 36