Rabu, 08 Agustus 2007


A snake slithered into a girl's room.The girl was playing Chess game with a computer.Suddenly the girl cried out shocked looking something terrible. Then the girl jumped up onto her bed.'I can't play my game again.But I still have another to get an enjoy.' said the kinky girl.What that girl do a few seconds later ?.She took out her Sudoku which has been popularized by youth all over the world. It's easy to play with Sudoku.You can buy the book of Sudoku in any bookstore.Sudoku will train your brain to think carefully.The puzzled box where you place your accurately number one by one have a size 9 x 9.You will have a compassion for your days in home prison.Now you must have prepared your next step to gain a revolutionary game.We are in the back of the Occident.We have to effort to own the newest product of technology.We look old with the old equipment.We have to destroy all the old turning into the New Age.We are the victim of loving the old.We have to break our dirty windows to see our ultimate world.We are not be conquered by the strange device,never and nevermore.We are the mankind with an intellectualism to manage all that growing in whole world.We stand and challenge the wind to fall us down the ground.It can be ? You will get an answer if you want to consider and learn very hard.

Written by
Karta Laksana
Sunan Kalijaga 36 Street

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