Rabu, 15 Agustus 2007

Seawolf in the windstorm

You have to recognize a wirepuller. The wirepuller tries to involve you in any dangerous conspiracy.They make a trap conspire someone to follow their purposes.Such as smugglers without you know what mean they want to.They used an islet to base their force.They operated in the night to lower their order from any foreign ship.They concealed and planning further to grab your existence until you become their slaves.We have to attack for preventing their act.The sell of arms rarely being unseen.The effort withstands them is wiretap of all their talks.How we can spy them ? They arranged a plan so neat.Indeed a wrestling gets so hard.Yet we never surrender to arrest them or shoot them dead.At silent sea contained of the death for your adventures.I can't swim and maybe I can't escape from calling of hereafter.We have to form a trained squad to face all possibilities.Look strictly a sign of their tricks.The surveillance of activities at sea will be needed to guard along the coastline.We have to engage the fishermen to aid in fighting.A helpful helicopter likely can detect the exist of smugglers.The high sensitive RADAR will help technically.Night and day we have to be ready to monitoring the safety offshore.Every ship or boat must be suspected and contacted.Save the dangerous load avoiding the assault.

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