Kamis, 02 Agustus 2007

Separating some particles into the air

I remembered at a girl that standing on the street one night.I got my home but then I felt something strange.I couldn't recognize that girl.I fell into the illness.I felt pain in my head.I couldn't sleep.I tried to get recovery.My health is going bad.There is a lack but no one try to fulfill until I get a meaning of life.I am just an old cat.It's difficult for me to catch a rat.I have an consciousness to keep in the right way.The earth is going hot,burning all trees.My breath is choked by polluted air.What will be happening today ? I am not sure to know.Staying alone in my home to think what I have seen.I understood a few moments that have gone.Some opportunities have offered me to stand up on the cursed land.The land has forgotten the righteous.I was so tired to pursue you.In the bush or the wild forest I failed to ensure you to back home.Welcoming to the wind and clouds have provided the rain.My river has been suffering waiting any pretty girls to take a bath.Without a soap because they are poor.They need only the exciting of the life.I have never met a girl who came to me to touch my skin till I knew the girl has been dead.They are the dead that gad over the land.I can't touch their mind which have walked in a proud of money.I don't want to promote them.Where snakes make a home ? In which the Satan reigns over ? Sorry if I pass you at any point.Too many disappointments that have become some trouble.I release all to enter the new world.It will destroy all the old.Leaving you behind without you can get an explanation.

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Karta Laksana
Jl.Sunan kalijaga 36

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