Senin, 13 Agustus 2007

Battle in Church Spirit

It'd be better for you to read this below I quoted from

Washington - A gunman opened fire in a church in the US Midwest, killing three people before surrendering to police, local newspapers reported.

Police said they responded to reports of the shooting Sunday in Neosho, a city in the central state of Missouri, and discovered the gunman holding about 20 people hostage. The gunman, however, soon surrendered without incident, Police Chief Dave McCracken told the Neosho Daily News.

The incident took place in a church.Have came an enemy of God ? Disrupting a holly place like a church.The devil comes without you know or recognize of.Suddenly an evil spirit enters into your soul and speaks like God's angle.How long did your praying wait for fulfillment ? You are bored to wait any longer and get angry with your God.That will influence over your church while you do a worship in your church.Beware of all that seems like a nice lamb.You will be deceived by any person behaves like your good friend.Avoid them and isolate them carefully.Nice time for you.

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Written by Karta Laksana

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