Selasa, 14 Agustus 2007

Assaulting before they hit your head

Despondency in our life caused by many things which that becomes a trouble and disappointment of recent way.Someone pissed the bad person off by bad habits.And we evade that ? We have to face a reality however it is.A reality is worth for a fact of our life.I try to avoid a drivel.Don't lie each other.The world demands you in the truth honestly.Frankly I want to reveal to you all the hidden secrets.The secret of nature or supernatural beyond our real life.We are restricted by many depending necessities.An unlimited knowledge in the universe waited you to explore and exploit for contributing and mending our lacking and damaging life.We have a complication to diagnose what the sick that have occurred.Let's contemplate something and pondering it to bereave a precious thing from our enemies.If you are in a hostility now it's your chance to be aware of the more dangerous menace than merely you lay down with a fox.You are still a puny people.Compare your own or property with your friends or neighbors you will meet them like a dog.Because they envy with you.Take your glory and prepare your weapon to war against your surround or environment which has behaved unfriendly.Take care of yourself from any deceits.The floodwater will recede at any time.

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