Selasa, 31 Juli 2007

I got up and heard your voices like bees

I am a man and born in small town.Today I am aware have been living for about 43 years.I have an hobby of writing and traveling.At this morning I got up about 5 am.Sometimes I turn on my radio listening some news and songs.Then I get downstairs to brush my teeth.My mother has prepared a glass of milk especially for me.I sit down on the chair for drinking.I take a loaf of bread and eat it with my milk.My mother usually goes to the market about 7 am.Selling many kinds of clothes.I have a bike for going around my town.Yellow bike that's nice enough for my going.When I miss to sing I get upstairs into my room.There is an electric piano which I usually play to compose any song.Not too many activities that I can do.Yeah Only the old river flows through my town.I can look some women bathing on the raft or washing their clothes.They all are merely extremely common look.I often feel bored and fall into the olden or remako(remaja kolot).I can escape out of your jail.You have tortured me because you have loved me or hatred me.Sorry I just suppose you so stupid.Now I will do all everything that I still can do.I still have a hope to condemn you.I am your enemy I am so cruel with my wild mind.You will see your future is going dead.I have initialized with no agreements which make you unhappy.

Written by Karta Laksana
Sunan Kalijaga 36 Street
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