Minggu, 05 Agustus 2007

Flag a witness of the dark world

There is a lone flag atop any hills.And the wind blew floating the flag.A place was so quite where some buffaloes were fed by nature.On large meadow covered by green grass.A boy sang an old folk song which he got from his mother.He sat down on the ground looking at his buffaloes.The buffaloes were still hungry.That boy shrugged he couldn't provide sufficiently.That boy was only a poor boy.He was dropped out of his school.He brought a piper and played a sentimental song.The flag was floating hanging on a bamboo rod.The clouds got colored grayish by an angle.By noon that boy took some meal out of his bag.Then he had a lunch.His mother was so patient waiting his coming home.That boy fell asleep cooled by the wind.Suddenly 3 strange men came near that boy.They were a plot of robbers who intended to take the buffaloes away.That boy awakened and looked at the robbers startlingly.The boy tried to resist their act but failed.They had a success today.That boy cried out but no one heard him until the rain came.His clothes were wet by the rain.No help from the sky where he looked up to the dark sky.' You are so weak to fight against the cruel world' any sound from the sky startling him.'Go home and find your mother.Forgetting your buffaloes' that sound made him frightening.Then the boy ran home quickly.

Written by
Karta Laksana
Sunan Kalijaga 36

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