Jumat, 17 Agustus 2007

Night Devil Coming

The rain came that evening.A young blue-T shirt man got into an old house.The frenzied street has been silent.He knocked on the old cracked door.His face seemed hasty.His clothes has been wet by the rain.The wind blew haughtily spreading rainwater at his body. No answer from inside then he scolded.Suddenly someone opened the door for him.An old long-bearded man stared at him suspiciously. The young man told about his coming for conveying an important message.The old man could understand what the young man said.The old man pleased the young man to follow him getting into a dark room.The old man lighted a candle on the old dusty table.Immediately the room became bright and could be seen.There was an old inherited sword hanging on the foul gray wall.The old man took the sword down. And showing it to the young man.The young man wondered looking at the strange sword.It's time for the young man to use it.Slaying all people that he wanted.Sudden strange squeaking came from outside the room making them startled.The young man looked out but he saw nothing.The young man got nervous what happened.The awesome came out of the dark.He thought the house was haunted and very dangerous for a coward.He handled the sword tightly to face all possibilities. The cold sweat shed on his skin.Some old rats ran about on the dirty floor.A mysterious night involved his surrounding. He felt the attend of the devil.The scream and squealing fulfilled the space.He decided to escape from the hell.He said nothing at the old man to run away.

My Zodiac : Pisces

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