Minggu, 02 September 2007

Wrath of Fire

Cold night came slowly.When the gathered people around shipyard was surprised by blasting of a fishing ship.The flame was getting bigger. Many people ran in panic towards the burned ship.The flame brightened its surrounding.The peril came like an awful ghost perishing all crews of the burned ship. The thick smoke was soaring aloft.The flame made wondering aurora.The outcry,moaning and groaning made a choir of strange sounds.Suddenly the burned man jumped out from the ship into the sea.The firemen soon came into the accidental site.The wailing siren fulfilled the night air. All was making a breathtaking incident.The fire couldn't be exhausted sooner because the wind blew so heavy.The cause of the blast was a bomb which had installed before.The blaze of the hell of the port all ships were vanished by utter fire.The crowded people couldn't do anything else excepting of standing on their standpoints.The sky seemed bright by an angriness.

Written by Karta Laksana(autonym)

Jumat, 31 Agustus 2007

Lamentation of Promised Desert

On the dark desert an austere girl walked in a hurry.Her auricles was cut by someone.Her face bled horrible.Satan waylaid her walking.And then ask her a question about afterlife.Someone agonized her in the dangerous aftereffect then.Aftermath of the oath that the people remarked before.No resurrection for who has stood on the arid land however they could plant on the arable land.The cold wind touched her long hair floating with a hope.Darwan got aroused by awful nightmare.He looked at the wallclock 9:48 pm.He immediately sipped a glass of Mama's milk for tranquilizing his disrupted mind.Something pressured his soul.His heart pulsated strongly.He looked at a distance. Any shadow of the darkness shrouded something aglow so brightly.Afterwards he looked something of the afterglow forming a fireball.The fireball blasted in a few seconds.Darwan stared all trembly.And then he sat down on the armchair for relaxing.It was almost unbelievable for all he had seen.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief note
I used to ever get an auspice from my Institute.I 've preferred writing long ago.I feel I am not so aged to write more and more.

Kamis, 30 Agustus 2007

Accident in Wild Night

A lamp illumined a room of an old house.A young man sat on the chair reading a newspaper.The night was going late.He heard someone shouting strangely.He was startled and soon he went out.He looked no body out there.He got back taking a tool of flashlight.And then went out to seek the strange person.He still heard sound of moaning.Through the awfully dark night he walked creeping.Suddenly he felt something massive hitting his head.And the young man collapsed to the grassy ground.The strange person pulled his body away to the thick bush.The strange person took something out of his pocket.And then the one ran away.The sun just emerged out of the horizon.Awakening him to get back home.The young man got a recovery from the fatal incident.He took handkerchief out and cleaned his face.He was aware of the lose of his wallet.He didn't know of what happened on him last night.He felt any protecting him and escaped from a danger.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief Note
My hobbies are writing,reading,music and traveling.I intend to achieve any honorable project.

Rabu, 29 Agustus 2007

Curse of Forest

It's was nice fountain.At noon 12:46 am a guy was smoking staring at the fountain.Burning of the hot sunshine at the moment made his body wet by sweat.Dust flown by the wind.The recent air was inconvenient for him.The drought whipped over the people.Entire land was barren and dry.Fish despaired hoping the rain.The lack of water was going widespread as a national disaster.Who dared contending the nature ? Many people had no content for that situation.The situation was going badder.Who wanted to give a contribution for the solution ? The drought would kill all people without a pity.The nature needed no lamentation.Not any longer our land became a desert.We have disobeyed the oath of our ancient.We are just making a context of the old curse.How expensive the drop of groundwater for our life.We just heard an old song from the dry well.We have killed our mankind with wrong mind.We didn't prepare all before.Now we were loser the guy mused all that occurred on his land.Don't ask the swaying grass.Pave all the way before your master comes.I couldn't plant more the greenery.Someone would hew your big tree.And you war against the frightening tree which disputed all of your arguments.

Written by Karta Laksana
36 Sunan Kalijaga Street
Rangkas Bitung

Selasa, 28 Agustus 2007

Way to reach the sky

At 9:49 am when the sun shone brightly a young knife girl stood up on the top of the crag.She tried to do a suicide falling into the the bottom.She looked down with strange feeling.Why her life must be failed ? No answer from the bottom.The whispering wind gave no answer.It's her choice but she had no option.Her disappointment wasn't paid by someone.No redemption for her falsifying.Too much crammed into her soul.She felt her suffering as a punishment.But suddenly she canceled her suicidal trial.She returned to her home,to her good way.After she got depressed so long until the nature surrendered to the Satan.No one couldn't touch her case.No one was on charge of her fate.Where the peace was ? It should be the way to thereafter ? She looked at her shadow self.That gave her a picture of her personality.She succeed to change her mind.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief Note
The author is male.He have no poisonous mustache.Choose a simple way to grasp a golden stick.But he waited so long until the oldness turned his hair.

Senin, 27 Agustus 2007

Cassava Children

Cassava is one of famed food.It can be fried and eaten with sugar.In case you come into any market you can buy some cassavas.Brew coffee and prepare a plate of fried cassavas.Sip your coffee and how the taste of them ? The cassava usually is uprooted.Wash it before you fry.When the night come trying you to visit the busy nightlife and find the fried cassava.

Written by Karta Laksana

Brief note :
Karta Laksana was born in Rangkasbitung on February 27,1964.He used to prefer traveling anywhere.His father frequently brought him visiting any beautiful place.
After his father died on October,2003 he has been continuing his father's struggling and surviving.

Minggu, 26 Agustus 2007

Retaliation of Children

A young bald headed girl crept to outside her home.She brought a hoe walking in the dark to any place near her house.The crescent moon was shining lightening her way.In this several days the girl sank into an insanity.At last she was desperate killing an old hoary man with a knife.The old man hoarded too many firewoods.The girl was oppressive.The girl arrived on the barren ground and started to dig by means of her hoe for burying a cadaver of the old man.She stepped forward to the victory.The wolf was howling screaming an awful song.She spitted the stiff and swore again and again.She deserved getting a price intrinsically.

Written by Karta Laksana