Rabu, 29 Agustus 2007

Curse of Forest

It's was nice fountain.At noon 12:46 am a guy was smoking staring at the fountain.Burning of the hot sunshine at the moment made his body wet by sweat.Dust flown by the wind.The recent air was inconvenient for him.The drought whipped over the people.Entire land was barren and dry.Fish despaired hoping the rain.The lack of water was going widespread as a national disaster.Who dared contending the nature ? Many people had no content for that situation.The situation was going badder.Who wanted to give a contribution for the solution ? The drought would kill all people without a pity.The nature needed no lamentation.Not any longer our land became a desert.We have disobeyed the oath of our ancient.We are just making a context of the old curse.How expensive the drop of groundwater for our life.We just heard an old song from the dry well.We have killed our mankind with wrong mind.We didn't prepare all before.Now we were loser the guy mused all that occurred on his land.Don't ask the swaying grass.Pave all the way before your master comes.I couldn't plant more the greenery.Someone would hew your big tree.And you war against the frightening tree which disputed all of your arguments.

Written by Karta Laksana
36 Sunan Kalijaga Street
Rangkas Bitung

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