Jumat, 10 Agustus 2007

Battle in Basket

Still sleepy in that morning when I didn't find her in my way.Through the dusty road towards another town about 18 km from my town.I sat down waiting my arrival time there.I felt my head heavy with your desire.I decided to cancel looking the empty sea.I crossed the street into the sport field.I watched some children playing Basket Ball.Standing in dumbness without wanting to tease.Leaving them alone like grass waiting the rain.
OK if you like a game such as Basket Ball or Volley Ball you can count how many the players are.The answer is 6.Is there else game you have number 6 ? Gather your friends to play that game.I think I am not so old to play together with you.The sunshine will excite our spirit to place us in the good performance when we hit the ball out of the arena.Then we are soaking with sweat.To get the number one we have to train very hard.A coach will lead you to be a better player.Until the big event call you to beat all your opponents off.Who not want to be a champion ? Yell to the dismal morning until the bright day comes.At any next day you will be paid for your efforts.The ball has not been dead for our game.There are still so many points that can be a world record.I remain liking something new till the earthquake destroys our dreams.

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Karta Laksana
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