Senin, 20 Agustus 2007

Dream of mother

A child was playing in the yard of the house.That child was male.His mother was watching her child
carefully.She was worried the child would be injured. She loved her child so much and always tried to fulfill the need of her child.Now her child was aged 4.The upcoming birthday was on September.She imagined buying everything needed for celebrating.The child had sharp black eyes.
The child was very lovely.They both often went downtown every evening.There the mother leaded her child walking on the harassing green grass.The mother gave her child a ball.By 6 pm they both went home again.The mother was a widow had to treat her child alone.They lived in the big house which given by the husband before he leaved them forever.The mother took care of her child happily everyday.To grow up her child and then schooling him.At one night the mother came into her child's room.She looked the face of her child so lovely.And then she touched the face softly and sang a cradle song.She hoped her child would be a fruitful man.She wanted no regrets in the future.She thought it's important training her child the brevity and skills.The night was getting later she felt sleepy.The mother left her child get into the bedroom.The nice angle would keep her child tonight.

Written by Karta Laksana

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Monte mengatakan...

Beautiful! Such a tender-hearted post! Thank you for writing it, and also for visiting my blog and leaving a comment there recently. It is an honor to communicate with a writer of Indonesia.