Minggu, 02 September 2007

Wrath of Fire

Cold night came slowly.When the gathered people around shipyard was surprised by blasting of a fishing ship.The flame was getting bigger. Many people ran in panic towards the burned ship.The flame brightened its surrounding.The peril came like an awful ghost perishing all crews of the burned ship. The thick smoke was soaring aloft.The flame made wondering aurora.The outcry,moaning and groaning made a choir of strange sounds.Suddenly the burned man jumped out from the ship into the sea.The firemen soon came into the accidental site.The wailing siren fulfilled the night air. All was making a breathtaking incident.The fire couldn't be exhausted sooner because the wind blew so heavy.The cause of the blast was a bomb which had installed before.The blaze of the hell of the port all ships were vanished by utter fire.The crowded people couldn't do anything else excepting of standing on their standpoints.The sky seemed bright by an angriness.

Written by Karta Laksana(autonym)

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